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A More Perfect Union

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Creating A More Perfect Union

Creating A More Perfect Union

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Meet the Bergs

Henry, Stella and little Haley Berg are a happy family.  But no family is perfect.  When Henry contracts Covid-19 while on trial for stealing files from the government, his absence from his family becomes too loud for Stella to ignore.  Stella strains under the stress of raising their child alone during quarantine, battling her fraying mental health, and guilty conscience over a secret from the past.  Isolated from each other, Henry and Stella are forced to ask themselves--When do you fight for the ones you love, and when do you let them go?  What is modern love anyway?  How do you balance your family's needs with your own?  The Berg family will wrestle with these questions together over the political and social backdrop of the 2020 Pandemic.

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About A More Perfect Union

A Bit of Background

A More Perfect Union will be among the first features produced entirely within social distancing guidelines and will capture two weeks in the Covid-19 pandemic Americans will never forget.  During these historic days, our rights are under attack. Mass surveillance efforts have increased dramatically since the beginning of quarantine, going far beyond what Edward Snowden revealed seven years ago.  Health insurance companies are seeing record profits while everyday Americans are on the verge of losing their homes, swamped by insane medical bills while countries with universal healthcare are close the end of their battles' with Covid-19. A More Perfect Union depicts a family being torn apart by Covid, differing priorities, and an untold secret. The film will be a microcosm of American life during the pandemic, with relatable scenes depicting the stress of parenting alone while a partner is sick and the way global trauma combined with near-constant isolation tears at the fabric of mental health and relationships. Perhaps the most important aspect of the film will highlight ways in which the government’s response to Covid crucially shapes our future, and how our fundamental rights as Americans are being infringed upon during this crisis, as too many of us face difficult choices between staying safe and supporting our families. A portion of the film’s proceeds will go to Covid relief efforts across the country.

The film will highlight familiar stories from this time across many walks of life.  

The Bergs' storyline will also explore modern love through the lens of polyamory, non-binary gender identity, pansexuality and more.    

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Your entire donation is tax deductible-- our project is fiscally sponsored by Media Alliance, a non-profit press watchdog communications advocacy group. They watchdog the press, seek to democratize the public voice and seek to impact communications policy especially at the intersections of class, race and marginalized communities. For over 25 years they've worked with projects compatible with their values of protecting our constitutional rights and American journalism. 

Our production model is impervious to cases spiking and increased distancing restrictions-- our skeleton crew and limited locations owned by production keeps our per diem costs far lower than a normal feature, and our key casts’ background in film production will allow us to continue progress even if full Stay At Home orders are reinstated temporarily. 

Checks can be sent to: 

A More Perfect Union

C/O Media Alliance

2830 20th Street # 201

San Francisco CA 94110

Media Alliance will provide a letter documenting the amount of your contribution for IRS purposes if it's over $500.

If you’re interested in making a large donation and being an Executive Producer, reach out to discuss. Any questions at all don’t hesitate to ask!

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Cast & Crew

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Calinda Jade

A More Perfect Union marks Calinda Jade's feature film debut!  This little starlet grew up on sets on and off camera with her real life mama, Blaize Hall.  We are so lucky to have her charm and hilarious antics bringing life to this script!  

Blaize Hall

Blaize Hall is an award winning actor, writer, producer, director, singer and song-writer.  She runs Weeping Willow Wellness, a holistic healing company based in meditation, yoga, reiki healing and radical self love. She wrote, produced and acted in Pasadonuts LLC’s last film He’s That Guy alongside Ian Mark and George Wyner.  She also wrote, produced and acted in Daycare, Designer Babies, and Empty Space which won Best Women Short at the Independent Shorts Awards last summer.  Other film acting credits include Josh Taylor’s Prom Date, The Art of Adjustment, Baby, and Back to One.
You can follow her on IG @emblaizon and @weepingwillowwellness


Ian Mark

Ian Mark is an award-winning director, actor, producer, and improviser. He runs Pasadonuts LLC. He wrote, directed, produced, and acted in their last short film He’s That Guy starring film and television legend George Wyner. The short won Best Comedy at the Independent Short Awards, as well as a number of other selections and awards. He hosts and directs The Pasadonuts weekly improv shows, live streamed on Youtube, IG, and FB. Past episodes can be seen here:

Other production credits include the Starz documentary Daddy Don’t Go tackling the epidemic of fatherlessness in America, Rena’s Coming to Dinner (a trans take on the classic film), and the improvised spy comedy Mission Aborted. His debut novel Love from Amanda to Zoey is out now from Simon & Schuster. See more at or follow on IG/FB/Twitter @therealianmark

George Wyner

A native of Boston and graduate of Syracuse University, George has worked extensively in TV and film since 1972. Notable film work includes the Coen Brothers' best-picture nominee A Serious Man (2009) as Rabbi Nachtner, Mel Brooks' Spaceballs (1987) as Colonel Sandurz, and his To Be or Not to Be (1983). Among other dozens of film credits are the classic Fletch (1985) and Fletch Lives (1989), The Devil's Advocate (1997), and Trouble with the Curve (2012). George has guest starred on over 150 TV shows, and has been a series regular on nine. He is perhaps best known for his six seasons as Deputy D.A. Irwin Bernstein on Hill Street Blues (1981).


Quei Tann

Quei Tann is a Los Angeles based actress, known for her roles as Peyton Osborne on How To Get Away With Murder and Genifer/Marie Antionnasty on Dear White People, and her role as LuckDuck in the feature film, Cam. Quei also competed in the Transnation Queen USA pageant in 2016.  She is an accomplished writer and vocal trans activist in the Hollywood community.  Follow her on IG @queitann 

Sarah Ann Masse

Sarah Ann Masse is a hilarious woman who is proving that females are funny while drawing attention to the unhealthy social norms and boxes that our society places women in. She is a writer, producer, actor, and co-director for countless projects. Some of these are the award-winning, female-driven web series “Reckless Juliets”; the voice of the audiobook series “The Chronicles of Kerrigan; the award-winning short film “Tristan & Kelly”; and a love triangle rom-com web series “S’N’M ”. Sarah makes up half of the hit British American comedy duo We Are Thomasse. 

Sarah is an outspoken voice against the patriarchy and rape culture, a tireless supporter of survivors of sexual assault and harassment, and is one of the many women to come forward about her abuse at the hands of Harvey Weinstein. Her mission is to educate the public regarding consent, coercion, and the nature of trauma while encouraging other artists, and her industry to use their ability as storytellers to change the culture we live in to be more inclusive, representative, and respectful for all people.

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November 12, 2020

November 5, 2020

December 21, 2021

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